Grass Valley, California was possibly named by early settlers who cattle had wandered over to get to the grassy valley. It was during this time that miners began panning for gold on the Wolf Creek. They discovered gold bearing quartz around 1850 and the area became a boom town soon after because it was much easier to build in the grassy valley. Soon there were stores and the town was given the name of Centerville, most likely because it was a trading center for a lot of people.

Over the next 20 years, the town went from booming to bust. It gained the name of “Grass Valley” and families began to call it home as miners came and went. The area’s population finally leveled out around the turn of the century. Churches were built along with schools, and the town became a family friendly, stable, mining town that many people loved.

The Main Street in town is considered to be, “The Heart of the City”. It retains a lot of historic value. There is a lot of effort put into the town to ensure that people continue to come see what most of the town has left untouched. It will be a trip through time that you will not soon forget and you will be happy that you took the time to see what Grass Valley has to offer.

Beating the Summer Time Heat

beaches in CaliforniaDuring the summer months, there are a lot of places that get extremely hot. One of the biggest areas that can get suffocatingly hot during the peak months of July and August is California, which also happens to be a very popular destination for travelers and vacationers. They like the beaches, they love the sights, and virtually everything else about California, except the heat. This means that as much as they enjoy the beauty of the beaches, they are also focused on beating the summer time heat when they are out of the water.

The Extreme Heat

beat the heatWith an average temperature in July of 92 and an average in January of 54, it isn’t hard to see that California is always kind of warm, especially when you consider that temperatures can fluctuate quite a bit to still reach that average. Different areas may also have variations. For some people, it is very warm, even during the winter. They cannot get comfortable if temperatures climb above 60 or 70 degrees. This is even more true for people who are camping or using their travel trailers, which also seem to work as ovens. They tend to hold heat and make it impossible to escape from.

Beating the Heat

shopping centersCabins that are equipped with air conditioners are available, but they are sometimes hard to find. There are a lot of people who visit California during the summer to escape the extreme coldness of their hometown, and they tend to grab up the cabins that have heat and air units. The people who are not able to get an RV, camper, or cabin often end up suffering from the heat for a little while before discovering that can use the Sunpentown SF-609 portable unit. It is an air conditioner that can be moved from one room to another in a home, but it can also work in RVs and cabins. It will keep you cool and comfortable throughout the entire time that you are hanging out away from the beaches, which means you will also be able to sleep soundly at night. This portable air conditioner and others like it will keep you as cool as if you were sleeping in a top dollar hotel, but without the cost.

If All Else Fails

california beachesDuring the middle of the day, it is usually easy to escape the heat. If all else fails and you are wanting a break from the beaches; you can visit malls and other shopping centers. Those places generally have an air conditioner that can keep up with the heat and keep it enjoyable. You will also have a lot of places that you can venture to if you want to go out to eat and avoid the kitchen for an evening. There are museums and a ton of other exciting things to see, depending on where you are visiting. The secret is to not give up on your search for a cool place to relax and spend a day. If you give up on finding your cool and happy place, you may not be giving California all the love that it deserves. There is just so much to see and enjoy. You don’t want to miss any part of it or spend any time miserable from the heat.

Accommodations at The Fairgrounds

big fairgroundWithin most of the larger counties around the United States, there is a designated fairgrounds area. In this area, a variety of events may take place and if it happens to be in a large city, people may come from all around to take part in the carnival circuit when it comes to that area. In those areas, most fairs and carnivals are anticipated from one year to the next, by people who live not only in that county, but by people all over the state. This is why most counties are taking a closer look at the accommodations at the fairground, and taking them to a whole new level.

Big Carnivals and More

portable toiletFairgrounds may become temporary homes to carnivals, state fairs, rodeos, concerts, circuses, and more large scale outdoor events. This makes them a big deal for all counties. They bring in money to the community and draws crowds unlike all other types of events may do. Carneys who may have never been in the area are brought in in large groups to run the events. The larger the event, the more people, the more certain accommodations will matter. One of the biggest things people are taking a closer look at is the portable toilets that are usually found at fairgrounds. They are often smelly and unpleasant to be inside of since they are hot, dirty, and not stocked very well.

Upgrading Private Accommodations

Instead of having portable potty accommodations, many fairgrounds are moving to a more permanent solution. They are tired of bringing in truckloads of toilets that leave people ready to leave the events because of nature’s call. Permanent toilets can stay on-site and ready when an event comes to town. They can be used by fair-goers, carneys who may be camping out, and other people who may need to stay an extended period of time at the fairgrounds. The county simply has to decide on placement for the stalls and the right type of toilets.

The Right Solution

carnivalsThe size of the fairgrounds will play a major part in where you want to place the permanent toilets. It will also determine the number of available stalls you want for both men and women in that area. You may have to invest in a few buildings to set everything up, but those who visit the fairgrounds will be happy with whatever “real” toilets are there. If you want to use an existing building and simply create bathrooms there, you will want compact toilets. You may also want to make sure they have a high-pressure flush with very little water required. This will help with cleanliness in the bathroom and that toilet paper will not get left behind in the bowl. A great consideration for most fairgrounds is the Toto Aquia and you can read more about it here to see if it may meet the needs of your favorite fairground. Regardless of which permanent toilet solution you choose for your county fairgrounds, visitors will be happy that you upgraded the accommodations, even if you do still choose to put portable toilets around as well.


Preparing the Fairgrounds

Fair funAnytime people hear about a fair coming to town, they get excited. It means that soon, everyone will have the opportunity to get out and have a great time with others in the community. In most areas, it is an annual event and the only people who miss out on the excitement is the people who must spend their time preparing the fairgrounds for the event.

The Excitement of a Fair

fairgroundsMost people know ahead of time when a fair is coming to town. They know it based on previous years when they were able to attend. They also find out through advertising, advanced ticket sales, and coupons for reduced prices. They may look at their cities website to try and get a sneak peek at what rides or shows will be at the fair. They may try to discover prices ahead of time so that they can save up their money; ensuring that when the fair comes to town, they are ready to go have a great time.

Preparing for the First Night

Before the rides, carnival games, and people show up, there is often a lot of activity around the fairgrounds. There is grass to cut back, trash to pick up, and more. Many fairgrounds who are planning shows or specific areas for ticket sales to take place may rope off certain areas of the field. They will bring in portable toilets and put them in an area that seems appropriate and do what they can to ensure that when the rides show up, everything is set to go. Then the people who run the carnival will have an easier time setting everything else up and your towns people will show up ready to spend money and enjoy the rides.

Take Your Preparations Further

Fair setupWith all the excitement that people have just knowing a fair will be arriving soon; there is only one thing that can put a damper on it. Depending on the time of year, mosquitoes could be in full force. With everyone’s growing concern about mosquito born illnesses such as West Nile and Zika, this could cause people to stay home instead of putting their family at risk. Instead of allowing this to happen, you could take your preparations to another level. A mosquito trap, such as the SkeeterVac, has been proven effective at eliminating a variety of pests that may cause people to be miserable or sick. You simply need to put them up in an out of the way location on the fairgrounds a little while before the main event. The trap will do the work for you so that you will know the people who attend your town’s fair are safe. A single trap may also help with other events beyond the fair including rodeos, concerts, and more. To see if implementing a trap, or if there is a mosquito trap that will work for your event; you can find out more information here. Once you have the trap, you simply have to add setting it up to your list of things to do when prepping the fairgrounds.

Explore All Grass Valley Offers

Grass ValleyThere are a lot of things to explore in and around Grass Valley. There are numerous stores to shop in and draft horses to see. You will have the opportunity to watch shows and stay in one of the beautiful bed and breakfasts, but there is also more that you can see if you venture just outside of town. Nature is a great way to explore all Grass Valley offers its visitors.

The Things You Will See

Outdoor lovers enjoy visiting this area because it offers so much to see. There are nearby state parks that you can tour by hiking or biking. You have the option to visit the small town of Rough and Ready or other places within Nevada County. There are forests to enjoy if you love wildlife and if you prefer fishing, there are several ponds and lakes nearby. Within a short time, you can even be exploring the Tahoe National Forest or see what the mountains have to offer.

Nature at Its Best

Gold in Grass ValleyBy visiting the mountains, you have the ability to take extreme camping trips just outside of Nevada County. You can go RVing or camping in a tent if you want to get back to nature. It is all about what you want to do. Either way, there will plenty of photo opportunities and a great time waiting for you. The Empire Mine State park is a great place to enjoy walking or horseback riding while seeing the oldest, longest, and richest gold mines in California.

Go Big and Play Hard

Swimming in Grass ValleyCamping outdoors is not always fun for every person in your group, but there are several options that may make it easier for your family to enjoy. An RV is obviously the best solution, but it is not always practical. If you want to explore everything there is to see, be it wildlife or finding a swimming hole that is nearby; your family can enjoy it. You just want to make sure you take along sunscreen, insect repellent, and other necessary items. If you plan on a weekend outing, but you do not have an RV, you may also look into one of the many portable toilet solutions, which can help when nature calls. This may be the key to encouraging your family to enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer since many people do not enjoy the idea of squatting in the woods.

What Will You Enjoy Most?

Empire Mine, Grass ValleyThere are so many things you can enjoy in Grass Valley California and the surrounding area, you may want to spend a little time doing everything. There are historic sites, a mountain range, and a lot more all around. It is ideal for families who are interested in the “Gold Rush” era of California’s history, but it is also great for people who simply want to have a great time. Where will you go and what will you do when visiting this beautiful area? We encourage you to see all that Nevada County has to offer.