The Gentle Giant Draft Horses

Can you imagine anything greater than a large horse that weighs in at approximately 2,000 pounds, but remains as gentle as a puppy. That is what the draft horse is all about. It is a gentle giant that thrives on working hard to help their owners. For that reason, the competition that is held yearly, each September, is a true celebration of their power and their gentle beauty.

The Working Horse

These horses are very powerful. They can carry much more than their weight. This makes them ideal for farming and working. However, their strength is only half of it. Many people feel that because of their power, they would be hard to work with. The truth is; they are easy to work with and very casual in their approach to things. Perhaps that is why people love to see them in action at a competition.

The Beautiful Horse That They Are

Other people love seeing a draft horse in action simply because they look and behave in a majestic way. They have a main and tail that is thick. Sometimes it is short to make them look like the workers they are, but they are always graceful whether they are working or walking. Their power is in ways belittled by their beauty.

Come and See the Beautiful Horses in Action

You can come see the majestic beasts each September. In Grass Valley, there is a weekend devoted to these horses each year. It always draws a lot of people to the fairgrounds. The entire town comes out to see the new horses that have been growing up in stables and in training since their birth. Will you be there to see what they are able to do?