Preparing the Fairgrounds

Fair funAnytime people hear about a fair coming to town, they get excited. It means that soon, everyone will have the opportunity to get out and have a great time with others in the community. In most areas, it is an annual event and the only people who miss out on the excitement is the people who must spend their time preparing the fairgrounds for the event.

The Excitement of a Fair

fairgroundsMost people know ahead of time when a fair is coming to town. They know it based on previous years when they were able to attend. They also find out through advertising, advanced ticket sales, and coupons for reduced prices. They may look at their cities website to try and get a sneak peek at what rides or shows will be at the fair. They may try to discover prices ahead of time so that they can save up their money; ensuring that when the fair comes to town, they are ready to go have a great time.

Preparing for the First Night

Before the rides, carnival games, and people show up, there is often a lot of activity around the fairgrounds. There is grass to cut back, trash to pick up, and more. Many fairgrounds who are planning shows or specific areas for ticket sales to take place may rope off certain areas of the field. They will bring in portable toilets and put them in an area that seems appropriate and do what they can to ensure that when the rides show up, everything is set to go. Then the people who run the carnival will have an easier time setting everything else up and your towns people will show up ready to spend money and enjoy the rides.

Take Your Preparations Further

Fair setupWith all the excitement that people have just knowing a fair will be arriving soon; there is only one thing that can put a damper on it. Depending on the time of year, mosquitoes could be in full force. With everyone’s growing concern about mosquito born illnesses such as West Nile and Zika, this could cause people to stay home instead of putting their family at risk. Instead of allowing this to happen, you could take your preparations to another level. A mosquito trap, such as the SkeeterVac, has been proven effective at eliminating a variety of pests that may cause people to be miserable or sick. You simply need to put them up in an out of the way location on the fairgrounds a little while before the main event. The trap will do the work for you so that you will know the people who attend your town’s fair are safe. A single trap may also help with other events beyond the fair including rodeos, concerts, and more. To see if implementing a trap, or if there is a mosquito trap that will work for your event; you can find out more information here. Once you have the trap, you simply have to add setting it up to your list of things to do when prepping the fairgrounds.